Do you want to digitize the images from your Still Video Floppy disks to digital formats?


Step 1

You send your disks to us

Collect your Video Floppy Disks and send them to:

Östra storgatan 25, apt. 0901
S - 331 76  RYDAHOLM

Please include a valid e-mail address so that we can give you access to your processed images.

NOTE: If you are sending the disk from outside EU/EES you must declare the package as private "documents" and value "gift", otherwise the Swedish customs will charge an import fee.

If you want the disks in return, please also provide your own name, address and phone number.


Step 2

We'll process your images

When we receive your disks we start by cleaning and catalog them before the digitizing process using the best available equipment begins.

We are using professional Still Video Floppy Disk readers that provide us with a clean RGB + S (Red, Green, Blue + Sync) signals that we stabilize using a Time Base Corrector. Then we feed the signal to an upscaler that de-interlace and enlarge the image to a full HD-resolution. We finish by capture a series of 10-bit RAW color video-frames that we process with averaging technology to reduce noise and artifacts. The end-result will be a TARGA file from which we convert to JPEG and other digital image formats.


Step 3

You may download your images online

The end-result will be a standard JPEG image file just like a traditional digital camera or smartphone. We also archive the RAW-data file in our servers for future optional enhanced processing, for example A.I-enhanced up-scaling.

After payment you'll get a link where you'll be able to view and download your photos. We can also upload them to Dropbox, OneDrive, Facebook, Instagram and more on demand.


Step 4 (optional)

We'll send your disks back to you

If you want your physical disks sent back to you and/or if you want the images delivered on a USB-stick, we'll send them back to you. An additional postage fee will be charged.


GARPENHOLM have a long history and a huge media knowledge. We have been in the business since the early 1990's and we have more than three decades of digitizing experiences.


You should know that the resolution of the image sensors (CCDs) those days was at best (pro) around 400 kPixels (or 0,4 Mpixels), mid-range prosumer cameras like the Canon RC-260 had 300 kPixels  (640x480), but the most common (consumer) cameras like the Canon RC-250/251 had just a 200 kPixels  sensor giving approximately  (320x240).

The CCD sensor in e.g. RC-250/251 didn't have symetric pixel aspect ratio, so you have to shrink the image down to 380x276 pixels to have a 1:1 square pixel-by-pixel ratio.


Our equipment scans each analog video frame in full Hi-band PAL, NTSC or SECAM resolution with 4:2:2 10-bit video sampling and color precision. On top of this we use professional digital scalers to de-interlace, reduce noice, and enlarge the image. Everything is done with separate RGB-component signals to minimize color bleeding and luma interferences.

When we retrieve the images on your disks we will give back your images in both the native resolution and in enhanced resolutions.

We always save the result in a non-destructive (RAW) format, but you'll also get them in standard .jpg and .png formats as well.


The price is based upon the number of disks you send to us:

1 - 50 images (1 disk) € 0,50 per image

51 - 199 images (2 to 4 disks) € 0,40 per image

200 + images (5+ disks) € 0,25   per image
(that's just €12 for a full disk)

Return postage fee (if needed) is € 20 within the EU and the US.

All you have to do is send us your Video Floppy Disks and we'll start digitizing them into modern digital photo formats.

After your images are copied, you’ll be able to download them via Dropbox or you may get a private login to my website giving you access to your images directly. The login name and password is sent to the e-mail address provided with the disk(s).

If you want to have the physical disks returned back to you, and/or have the images on a USB stick, then you’ll have to pay the return postage as well. Postage fee varies depending on country. 


Since we are talking about floppy disks from typically the ‘80’s and ‘90's, (20-30 years old), you should be aware that there may be technical errors on some disks or in some pictures, because of de-magnetization, mechanical tare and other issues.

You only have to pay for pictures that are successfully copied thugh.

We can not guarantee that I can recover all the images, but we always do our best and use high-end professional equipments to enhance the video signal to get the best possible video image.

Privacy and Security:

We allways handle all floppies and its contents safe with the highest confidentiality. GARPENHOLM is a high security-classified company.


PDF with instructions


PDF med instruktioner


Canon VF-50

Canon VF-50

Sony VFD-50




Maxell VF50

Nikon VF-10