How we develop and process high quality images from analog still video disks

Still Video Floppy Disk Players

We only use high-end professional players

We start by using one of our professional players.


Each field or frame is played individually

We play each video frame/field depending on source media and format. We can handle all known Video Floppy disk formats; PAL b/g, NTSC and SECAM.

RGB+S Output

We output in highest possible Component signals

To get the best video quality with less interference and no color-bleeding, we use component the R(ed), G(reen), B(lue) plus sync output signals.

RGB+S Input

We sample each RGB component + Sync

The same goes (of course) for the input signals.

Genlock + TBC

Stabilizing the video-signal

To stabilize the video-signal we first use a Genlock sigal thrugh out the system and finally we use TBC (Time Base Correction) to make the video frame steady as a rock.

First line digitizing and processing

First stage of digital processing

After the video signal is stabilized we put it into a framebuffer to process the image. We clean up noise and other disorders before we sends the signal to the next step.

De-interlacing and Scaling

Enlarging the image and make it progressive

In this step we enlarge the video frame into a progressive Full-HD 1080P signal using a state-of-the-art video scaler. 

Second line digitizing (to computer)

Final digitizing

In this final step we feed the Full-HD signal into a professional video grabber and transfer it into a server via a USB 3 cable.