Accessories to Still Video Cameras

By Roger Garpenholm posted in September 13, 2016

Canon BP-4P

Canon BP-4P

8V lead-acid battery

The battery pack of the Canon ion, XAP SHOT, Q-PIC, RC-250 and RC-251 is a rechargeable lead-acid battery. Due to the power-consumption of 20th century technology, the length of use per charge was quite limited.

Type: Lead-acid cells
Nominal voltage: 8 V
Nominal capacity 200 mAh
Operating temperature range: -5°C - +40°C
Dimensions: 1" x 13/16" x 2" (26 x 20 x 50 mm)
Weight: 2.4 ozs (68 g)


Canon TA-C26

Tripod Adapter

This adapter makes it possible to mount your RC-260 onto a tripod.


Canon Bag

Carrying bag

To protect the RC-250, 251 and 260 a bag was provided every package.

Suit Case

Canon Suit Case

A suit case for the Canon RC-260

When buying a special kit you got the special made suite case to carry the camera and all the provided accessories.


Canon RF-302

RF-modulator for the RC-360

This RF unit converts the RC-360 image into an PAL RF Video signal. It can modulate in between channel 30 - 39 UHF.


Canon VF-50

Video Floppy Disks

The obvious accessory is extra disks. The VF-50 Video Floppy Disk stores up to 50 video images in field-mode or 25 in full frame-mode.


Canon AR-260

AC Coupler unit

Works as a hub between the RF-unit, the Film adapter and the Camera. It also have Composite and S-Video outputs.